Security Objectives Services

Security Objectives offers consulting services of exceptional quality to selected clientele. Our consultants are digital security specialists by nature; together, they possess deep knowledge in a nearly endless collection of facts and facets that characterize this niche. Any theory or practice considered to be within the realm of information security is a candidate for comprehensive analysis by our staff.

Any consultancy can run publicly available testing tools and page through scan results. Services rendered by Security Objectives tactfully target the root causes of insecurity with logical reasoning skills based on objective truths. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

Application Assessment and Penetration Services [ learn more ]

Application security assessment is a highly specialized area of penetration testing. Its focus on deep analysis of specific applications differentiates it from network infrastructure based assessments. Skill and experience is crucial to the success of any app assessment. Each one of our consultants is a virtuoso with a proven track record, working with many of the world's most recognized companies. When the security and reliability of custom or exclusive applications is critical to the success of business, trust Security Objectives to provide the information and results necessary to reach your goals.

Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model

By leveraging our product with a software-as-a-service delivery method, consistent and thorough security assessments are performed with objective results. Our beta release gives clients the privilege of first-hand use. As we near the final sprint of the development cycle, results and actionable findings are already coalescing in harmony. We will be selecting individuals and organizations for real-world scenarios very shortly. Asynchronous operations in any security division will dissolve dependencies on development cycles and/or release schedules. Another one of our objectives is to break the conflict of interest present when using static-based solutions. Combining this with loosened time time constraints and the lower false positive rate inherent in dynamic testing offers developers the opportunity to spend time on more important tasks such as developing unfinished features, instead of having to choose between new bug fixes or new functionality. Our commitment is to ensure a high level of application assurance while removing useless inefficiencies from in-house business processes.

Incident Response and Computer Forensics

When a serious breach of security occurs an expedited reaction is undoubtedly necessary. The reaction which is taken determines the ultimate outcome for the besieged organization. A good choice can contain all damage while a bad one can produce financially devastating repercussions. The key to securing a positive outcome is knowing the best information to base those tough decisions upon. From initial investigation, through evidence gathering, to post-breach legal action, Security Objectives completely understands the incident response process. Our experience working with top law firms combined with our elite technical skill guarantees that our clients get the best possible results.