Security Objectives Products

Security Objectives has developed numerous proprietary tools for software assurance and information assurance, i.e. malware detection, digital forensic analysis, gray-box software testing, diagnosing architectural obstacles in enterprise-class web services, structural inspection/dissection of binary file formats, discovering anomalies/exceptions in algorithmic control flow, demonstrating branch coverage throughout regression testing, engineering software development cycles, rethinking corporate business process orchestration, etc.

BlockWatch [ learn more ]

A state-of-the-art anti-malware framework The beta version of this revolutionary tool is now available for the public to download. Now everyone can test, discover and experience for themselves this ground-breaking piece of software that so many security professionals have been pondering over and preparing for at various technology conferences. Whether you're an enterprise inter-network manager, computer software engineer or just a humble "netizen" shopping online at home with your laptop, BlockWatch will protect you and your associates' computers from damaging attacks such as viruses, spyware, worms, malware, etc.

R.A.D.E. - Under Development

A cutting-edge parallelized debugger/fuzzer that utilizes a multi-paradigm hybrid approach for active analysis of binary computer programs making both debugging symbols and source code files optional. Don't just repel those pesky annoyances--be sure you've killed them dead! RADE features convenient graphical visualizations and plenty of stimulating eye-candy that demonstrates its practicality in action. In essence, RADE combines a wide spectrum of exclusive software testing methodologies.