Security Objectives Products: BlockWatch


The BlockWatch system is useful in scenarios where there is demand for thorough inspection of extremely large data sets. As Moore's law continues to dictate the continuous decrease in storage space cost, performing information assurance with large data sets is quickly becoming the norm. Consider the length of time it takes to run a check against your hard disk drive (i.e. fsck or CHKDSK).

Various BlockWatch Utilities

  • On-the-fly cloud memory verification
  • Searching for important data missing somewhere on a virtual machine image.
  • Data mining backup storage on external disks
  • Search for missing authentication/authorization keys

BlockWatch can be applied to various computational problems that are usually difficult to solve. However, the current BlockWatch system that Security Objectives has put in place is dedicated to solving the problem of badware -- unknown, unwanted, or otherwise malicious software code. Gaining a full understanding of the world of possibilities which is opened by BlockWatch requires quite a bit of reading and experience. To that end, the addition of documentation links on our web site will be an ongoing process, so be sure to check back from time to time.