Security Objectives Advisories

Past Advisories

Publication Date Link References Blog
3 Mar 2011 Tickling CGI Problems CVE-2005-4146, CVE-2005-4147, ... Tickle! See? Gee, I ...
22 Oct 2008 Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation Arbitrary File Read SECOBJADV-2008-05, CVE-2008-4638, SYM08-018, BID 31679 Exploit One-Liners
21 Oct 2008 Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation Memory Disclosure SECOBJADV-2008-04, CVE-2008-3248, SYM08-018, BID 31678 Exploit One-Liners
14 Aug 2008 PartyGaming PartyPoker Malicious Update SECOBJADV-2008-03, CVE-2008-3324 Breaking Vegas Online
12 Feb 2008 Cygwin Installation and Update Process can be Subverted SECOBJADV-2008-02, CVE-2008-3323, RedHat Bugzilla Bug 449929 Updating the Updater
25 May 2008 Lenovo SystemUpdate SSL Certificate Issuer Spoofing SECOBJADV-2008-01, CVE-2008-3249 Updating the Updater
08 Apr 2008 Adobe Flash Player DeclareFunction2 Invalid Object Use APSB08-11, ZDI-08-021, CVE-2007-6019 Ignorance is Bliss
25 Jul 2008 Microsoft HTML Rendering Memory Corruption MS08-010, TA08-043C, CVE-2008-0076 Dimes

Future Advisories

Notification Date Vendor References Severity
11 Aug 2008 Opera TBA High
27 Jan 2009 Apple TBA High